Unique Stays: sleep in a stable at the Coach House

The Coach House is a complex in Sittingbourne in the Kent Downs. The structure includes the main house where Beatrice and Graham, the owners, live, two parking spaces for caravans and / or tents, the Loft and the Stable. I have spent two nights at the Stable in the north section and, let me tellContinua a leggere “Unique Stays: sleep in a stable at the Coach House”

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve

If there’s one thing that had an effect on me after the past year and a half, is the desire to travel to more open spaces and get in touch with nature on a whole new level. This is why, when I was planning my holidays in Kent AONB last month, I ended up choosingContinua a leggere “Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve”