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Hi there, I'm Francesca, and this is my story.

Francesca from One Travel Mug my story travel blogger

To be quite honest, there’s not much you need to know about my personal life to understand why I opened this blog. I’m Italian, currently living in England, and planning to move somewhere else shortly. I am in my late twenties (still twenties though, right?) and a Taurus. I am not a big astrology fan but apparently, this means that I am a lover of nature and arts, I feel everything very deeply, and while I love exploring and embarking on new adventures I also enjoy my own company and days on the sofa with a blanket, some comfort food, and a new tv show. I have my mental schemes to the point of being a bit OCD and I just have to plan everything I do.

I am very passionate about literature, photography, and arts in general. I was the kid that hated every kind of vegetable and only ate a considerate amount of cheese (and potatoes, if you ask my aunt!). Now I eat vegetables every single day, I follow a vegetarian diet, while I still manage to dislike lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and all those “basic” vegetables you normally eat in a salad. Oh, and I still eat a considerate amount of cheese (and potatoes).

My story begins with a very young kid that started traveling when her parents put her in the back of their car – a black BMW that I loved – at 3 am and drove 8 hours to Val Di Fassa, the dreamiest place in Italy if you ask me. They did this every summer for about ten years, and I still have some of my best memories up there in the mountains.

When I was only 9 years old, I asked them to buy me my first camera so I could stop stealing theirs, and when I was 11 I took my first flight to Moscow. There, I met people from all over the world and discovered what it means to live on a planet that’s so big you’ll never get to know it fully. And I had a hard time adjusting to their food because, as I mentioned earlier, I was a very fussy kid, but this is another story.

Since then, I never stopped moving. I have traveled to many different places and while I almost always remained in Europe, a few years back I took a 24 hours flight by myself and went to the other side of the world, in Oz land. Now that I broke the barrier, of course, I intend to get to the other continents as soon as possible.

My craving for traveling has never faded and while my passion for discovery gets bigger and bigger, I feel like my knowledge of the world gets equally smaller, this is why I try and visit at least one new place a year. Yet still, sometimes, all I dream about is getting in a black BMW and driving all the way to Northern Italy with my family.

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