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Getting out of a “lockdown procrastination”

Not gonna lie, this lockdown has definitely taken a toll on me. It has been more than two months now that I haven’t been able to focus on anything for more than 30 minutes a day. Sometimes, even just 10.

I have been neglecting this blog of mine even though I am conscious it has brought me so much excitement over the first months of this year. But there was a constant question in my head that just wouldn’t go away. What am I gonna talk about in my travel blog, if I can’t travel?

Truth is, I was using that question just to justify my laziness. So from now on, I will be forcing myself to make something productive out of this quarantine, because I know if it is gonna be difficult at first, it will make me feel a thousand times better when I really get into it.

Even though we are not allowed to travel right now, there are still so many things we can talk about. I will keep sharing some of my past travels with you, as well as innovative ways to “travel” from home and, why not, even some non travel related bits about my life. If those are not of any interest to you, just skip them. I assure you there will still be a lot of travel content here.

If, on the other hand, you’re curious to know how I spend my time when I’m not travelling and planning trips, you can dive into the new blog section Lifestyle and find out more about my day to day life. I’m warning you, I will probably be sharing a mixture of subjects such as recipes, tv shows and film chats, book talks, interior design tips… Just random stuff, honestly. Stay tuned for more of this nonsense!

Ok, we’re at the end of this explicative post, if you managed to read all of it I commence you for your patience and for sticking with me until the very end (yes, I will also talk about Harry Potter, duh).

As we are all used to write at the end of any message now, stay safe. And happy readings you all!

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