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Let these amazing destinations inspire your next trip. Follow along on my journey around the world and choose the right destination for you!

Choose your travel style

Instead of browsing by destination, come find out what kind of traveler you are and choose the category that fits you best.

The Londoner

Moved to the English capital when I was twenty, I am still amazed by everything London has to offer. Come visit it with me.

The sustainable traveler

This is the section full of tips and tricks to become a more conscious traveler and take care of the environment while living your best life.

The traveling foodie

If you are as passionate as me about brunch, immerse yourself in the section of all things food, so that you’ll know exactly where to go and eat during your next adventure.

The guide planner

I know that traveling without a plan can be scary. You have to always be prepared. If you want to plan your days and leave nothing to chance, these city guides are what you’re looking for.

The talkative traveler

When a trip is finished, all you want is to talk about everything that happened there? When you’re not traveling, the world is still your favorite conversation topic? Let’s have a chat about all things travel.

The in-betweener

Between one trip and another, you might find yourself interested in different things. When you don’t feel like traveling, take a look at the lifestyle posts.

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